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We are a custom cabinet company that offers affordable renovation options that will stand up to the  test of time and give you that “New Look for Less”.  We specialize in kitchen cabinets – either  refurbishing your existing cabinets or constructing brand new ones – but also build bathroom cabinets  and any other household cabinetry you may need.  We make quality constructed cabinets, replacement cabinet doors, drawer boxes and roll-out shelves and trays with durable dovetail joints and lock joints, depending on your budget.  The custom drawers and roll-outs are  available in your choice of depth, wood, width and height.   Check out our Projects for some examples of our work. To find out more about our innovative solutions, or to arrange an Ideas Consultation, simply contact us  at 441-536-6952 or email info@gdlcabinets.com.

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GDL Custom Cabinetry & Refacing